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tv   News Ch8 Sunday Morning at 9AM  NBC  September 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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rise and shine tampa bay on the sunday, you're taking a live look at downtown tampa on
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joining us here. right now is 9:00. we have look at your weather. it was raining yesterday and we will tell you what you can expect today and tomorrow. >> we will see afternoon showers and thunderstorms, nothing to a typical. we are off to a fairly try start this morning -- dry start this morning. we have mostly sunny skies. we are already warming up in tampa. we just hit 82. 76 in zephyrhills and 77 brooksville . we're ei generally along and north of i- 4. that is where were seeing a partly to most was county sky -- cloudy sky and a few showers up short . south of i sure -- i-4, lots of showers . still seeing cloudiness over north florida. 89 degrees this afternoon. a few storms fire up along the coast. they push inland as we go through the afternoon. coming up, we will break down
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your way. right now there is a frantic search: first responders working around the clock to find 18-year-old austin welch. his sister fell into the peace river while fishing so he jumped into save her aunt sally he has not been seen since -- and a sadly he has not been seen since. his family has hope he is still alive and they are calling him a hero.>> he doesn't hesitate to help someone else. he didn't hesitate this time my son saved my daughter. >> reporter: a mother's pain, one can only imagine the emotions she is experiencing. today was supposed to be a fun family day on the peace river. >> i have 2 days off of work and we decided we were going to spend time together because i have been working a lot. we decided to go fishing. we went to walmart to get all the stuff we needed. we came out here and got everything ready. we were fishing and my daughter
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a beat and jumped in after 11- year-old crystal. >> he just jumped in right after . he grabbed her and was holding her up out of the water. they started to get carried down. i jumped in after them. >> reporter: barbie was able to grab a hold the crystal and tried to get to austin, but he went under. the river water is high, the current swift. crews from polk county sheriffs office in the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission spent hours combing the water peace river. deputies are hopeful he is alive and may have climbed out of the water somewhere downstream and maybe walking to find help. barbie is playing -- praying that is the case, but the hours passing doesn't help with positive thoughts. >> it is hard to tell myself that he is going to be okay and they will find him safe and he is just not feeling good and wet and cold -- it is really
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>> our thoughts are with the family. the sheriffs office says they will continue to search until deputies locate the 18-year-old. they are also asking for anyone that may see him wandering in the area to give the sheriffs office a call . a pedestrian is dead after being hit by a car overnight in st. petersburg. it happened along 18th avenue south around 1:30 a.m. around 1:30 a.m. carter died from his injuries. no ces worker is in critical condition after being shocked while working on a utility pole and pasco county. this happened as he worked in new port richey friday night. we are told his shoulders made contact with a live wire. coworkers used his safety belt to lower him to the ground. this morning thousands of people are still without power here in florida. this is a map of duke energy's current outages. you can see
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. you see the counties in green has between 100 and the thousand customers without power. the counties pictured in yellow like polk county of more than 1000 customers affect. hermine is long gone from the sunshine state and now it post tropical cyclone. however, it could become a hurricane again. this morning it is still causing major problems along the east coast. the storms kill 2 people, destroyed homes power from florida to virginia. forecast is expected to develop back into a hurricane. they have announced emergency preparations along the east coast. in less than 30 minutes, governor scott is expected to visit pasco county. yesterday's rain pushed many rivers and lakes over there banks. signs were nearly submerged because of high waters.
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stage in the next few days. the governor will also visit mill pond estates. with all the flooding it is no surprise pasco county eeoc director ordered mandatory evacuations for several locations. residents were told they had to go, they are scrambling and frustrated. >> it is very trying. i have been looking into purchasing a home rather than renting and i just paid rent yesterday. it just feels is frustrating . >> several mobile homes are also underwater. residents had to be taken out by boat. park management used large pumps to try to dry it out. like all other efforts, it will take time. those who weren't and ask you waited in pasco county -- evacuated in pasco county are trying to clean up and get things back to normal. we talked to a man who says
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>> you couldn't see the street. i am not kidding you, there was so much water, a garbage truck came down the road and it created a week. it's left up against the side of my house. >> emergency management crews are surveying the damage. they don't have an estimate on how bad the damage really is. it was only several months ago when a little boy was killed by an alligator at disney. coming up, a touching emotional celebration for would've been lane graves have been lane graves 3rd birthday. now at havertys furniture, it's our labor day sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until september 5th, you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces. get free delivery, plus an extra hundred-dollars off every thousand-dollars you spend. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom? have you see my iguana?
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friends, neighbors and strangers gathered yesterday to remember lane graves on what would have in his 3rd birthday. he was killed by an alligator during a family vacation at disney world a few months ago. they wanted to keep things positive after son's celebration of life. >> there are people here that live in there are people here from all over omaha. it is an opportunity for people to come and show the family how much they are praying for the family and how much they are supporting the. >> 5000 balloons were released in honor of lane. each balloon was donated anonymously. chaos on the road when an elderly driver struck a fence and several pedestrians at a southern california amphitheater.
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the police car came to stop after hitting numerous people. 4 of them had traumatic injuries. the cause is under investigation. an earthquake struck oklahoma yesterday. take a look at the security camera at one high school. picture show homes cracked right in the middle. one person suffered minor injuries in several buildings were damaged. up officials say the epicenter northwest of money -- poni . the quake was felt across 7 states in the us heartland. a hurricane watch has been discontinued for all hawaiian islands. hurricane lester still brought heavy rain. the category 2 hurricane is moving west of hawaii. forecasters expect the storm to weaken and become a tropical
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some call her the scene of ersi but others say her deeds never measured up to the size of her global wreck mission. coming up: the canonization of
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thousands of pilgrims are gathered in vatican city for the canonization of mother
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francis is declaring mother teresa a saint. there will be several events throughout the night including prayers and vigils in area churches. she was known as the saint of the gutters. catholics revere her compassion for the poorest of the poor. alexandra field visited the city in india were mother teresa served and spoke with people who knew her personally. >> reporter: mother teresa's ascension to sainthood is rooted in a modest village in you believe you're here because of a true miracle? >> i have been cured by mother teresa's blessings, not because of doctor's treatments. >> reporter: thank you so much for having us here in your home. monica says there was a miracle here 18 years ago -- i saw a spark of light and merge from mother's photo and reflect on my tumor. later appended given
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missionaries was placed on that tumor. >> the sister left the locket on my stomach where i had the tumor and tidy black thread there and put me to sleep. when i woke up at 5 am i saw there was a photograph of mother teresa behind me. i told sister the big tumor in my stomach is no longer there that i showed everyone where the tumor was and the locket. >> reporter: the majority of people here are hindu. after she was cured converted. there are now about 10 families in the village who are all catholic. they even built a church and mother teresa's name. to the catholic church she is amp -- a saint. her critics say the canonization is more veneration for a woman who's deeds never lined up with her
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a longtime volunteer for her organization, the missionaries of charity, reject claims calling them rubbish. this doctor is one of her most of vertical -- vocal critics . he doesn't believe there was a miracle but says it was doctors who previously treated monica. >> even in india, hardly anyone believes the miracles to be genuine, the doctors make statements to the effect that er >> reporter: but mother teresa remains revered the world over. catholic sainthood will submit her legacy of doing good, among admirers and believers. to them monica is living proof. >> mother teresa died in 1987 after a lifetime spent caring for hundreds of thousands of
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she was awarded the nobel peace prize in 1979. so far it has been a very quiet sunday morning, but we are seeing some cloudiness out there especially north of i-4. right now crystal river seeing a mostly cloudy sky with a temperature of 80 degrees. see more sunshine in tampa. perhaps you want to get in a golf game, why not, 78 degrees your headlines, we have some afternoon thunderstorms coming our way, just a typical chances right around 40 percent. some drier air in the coming days will help to limit our rain chances. in the tropics we still have post tropical storm hermine and also we are looking at invest 92 out in the atlantic. for your forecast we will see some isolated thunderstorms this afternoon, mainly along the coastline but those will start plus inland -- push inland.
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are thunderstorms . temperatures generally in the 70s and 80s. 82 tampa. 77 inverness and brooksville. as i mentioned, a little bit more cloudiness. there was i-4 -- north the life or which is a mostly cloudy start. there's lots of sunshine in temperatures warm up in our southern counties. we have few showers sitting offshore. a couple of these may start to make there way toward the coast . we still have the what is left of hermine . the post tropical system -- there this with winds at 60 miles per hour . they will get battered with heavy rain, high winds and coastal flooding will be an issue along with each erosion. there is our newest invest, 92 l. it will have a very low chance to encounter drier air and windshear. moisture overhead, but there's
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dry areas will play a role in the forecast in the next couple of days. for today we will have cloudiness north, showers and thunderstorms forming. they will push inland as we go through the course of the afternoon. monday, we will start off why it. by the afternoon we are anticipating thunderstorms but it will mainly be south of i-4 as the dry air starts to edge and of the north. i think everyone gets in that dry air. rain chances could be re midweek next week. there's your labor day forecast. if you have plans you may want to keep an eye to the sky. you may have to avoid showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon as temperatures hit 90. rain chances will drop to 20 and 30 percent for much of next week. highs right around 90. morning lows not too bad at 75. the moisture increases for next weekend. we still have a lot of standing water and flooding
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football team kicks off the year by taming the townsend tigers in every way. highlights from the big win, plus another big win for the race . sports coming up after the break. parents are concerned about all the chemicals it takes a bite -- fight the zika virus. i'm here to show you what doctor josi might work as an
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and 5, expect to win , that is a philosophy will he is hoping to instilled at the university of south florida. he has doubled there total in each success -- successful season as head coach creating skyhigh expectations. university of south florida taking off the campaign last night against houston. area starts it off nice, taking the short pass -- darius starts off nice taking the short pass. max left the game with a shoulder injury but the bulls didn't miss him all that much. flowers one of top to the newest threat, marquez. usf takes a 2810 lead -- 20 - 10 lead into the locker room and doesn't look back . flowers blooming nicely. 4 total touchdowns for him.
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luke del rio gets florida on the board with a touchdown pass to antonio the minutemen were still within score until the 4th. del rio hooks up with brandon powell was faster than jimmy john's. yes, i said it here what are you going to do? it ain't pretty. florida survives with one going on to be massachusetts 24?7. ucf be joseph slung a pair of tds. florida atlantic open the year with a win over southern illinois 38 - 30 behind a rushing area try and effort from gregory. start florida a&m banked about $700,000 -- $7000 in order to go to a game for a butt kicking . joseph rexall the tackles.
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in the 2nd, the rattlers get on the board. austin millon -- miller, 31 yard field goal. the answer-. 4 touchdown passes on the day for there qb. miami out russia's and m3 73 to 22 and trend -- win 17 - 3. it is loaded for matt was home. a bases clearing double. kevin at the to rome -- to run homer and later in the race. i want to mention the tampa bay buccaneers cut the roster down to 53 layers. if you want the details, you can find them on my twitter page. that is it for sports. new concerns over hillary clinton's email you. coming up, we will look at the
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hillary clinton facing new scrutiny over her email use. the fbi released its report on the investigation. now, are there more questions than answers. donald trump reaffirms his biggest campaign promise after stopping to meet the mexican president. >> we did discuss the wall but not payment. >> plus we will look at him trying to get like voters. then the florida senate races down to 2. >> in the 70 days people of florida will choose. format will break down your vote in the race for senate. good morning, thank you for joining us. scrutiny once again over hillary clinton's email use as secretary of state . this time after the fbi released a report on it's investigation into the matter.
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claims that hillary clinton is dishonest. >> reporter: 2 months after the fbi recommended no charges against hillary clinton -- we are expressing our review that no charges are appropriate. >> reporter: the private notes of the fbi agents investigating her private use of email servers layout the probe in details we have her own interview with the law enforcement fi clear evidence that hillary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing classified information, there is information that they were careless in there handling of sensitive classified information. >> documents revealed clinton told fbi agents she couldn't recall training or guidance on the handling of sensitive information. she said she relied on her aides use there doesn't emailing her and could
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to her private account. the notes also showed the fbi president clinton with copies of emails discussing the classified us drone program. she responded that she felt drone strike information classification, quote, depended on the content noting the subject frequently in the press. she was also asked about mark is on an email that denoted classified information. >> i think it is possible that she didn't understand what ec met when she sought of an email like that. >> clinton told the fbi she was unaware what the marking meant and question the classification. the public release comes after the fbi provided the documents to lawmakers some republicans expressed outrage at the decision not to bring charges against the democratic nominee. >> we believe you have set a precedent and it is a dangerous one. >> reporter: and in the wake of clinton herself obvious --
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on cnn last lot. >> when i try to explain what happened it sounds like i'm trying to excuse what i did and there are notes. i want people to know the decision to have a single email account was mind. i have taken responsibility for it. i have apologized for and i would do differently if i could. >> reporter: in july the director said his recommendations stem from the fact that there is no precedent for charging someone under similar circumstan scrutiny on the campaign trail hasn't let up. >> the deleted emails, 33,000 -- the donald trump campaign blasting out a statement saying the release provides further evidence that clinton has bad judgment in is dishonest. this show she cannot be trusted with the presidency. the fbi report is definitely a talker.
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sheila griffin and chris. thank you for joining us this morning. chris, we will start with you. is anyone buying the assassination from clinton that she didn't know what the c meant on these emails? >> when you see a classified email and it has a big red sea it typically means classified hicks secretary clinton has some explaining to do. >> the talk of concussion in that feel better about this? >> know, we are not feeling better. this is historic. these are regular procedures, processes that if you're going to be secretary of state you must know it. if you're going to be the responsible party to represent the united states and protect us and not have secrets revealed internationally, you must know. we'll take it likely and we don't see it as a
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there are voters out there that have already made up there mind. for the voters that are undecided, do you think this matters? >> i think there is a lot of misunderstanding about what emails are if you are the president or you are the secretary of state. the emails are very much a part of our heart and soul. it is information about how we dispatch and deploy military how we have secret service agents, drone strikes, it is the things i keep a secure, a violation of our safe. we should not be talking about emails we should be talking about a violation of america's security. >> clinton has apologized and faced a lot of ridicule. going into the presidency, to think she has learned her lesson? >> what we see is clearly we have 2 candidates one whose foreign-policy experience can be tracked in there passport
9:36 am
experience that we know we have seen. you have to ask yourself, is the foreign-policy something that we want to see for another defeat to 8 years in the white house. that is what undecided voters have decide on. >> she has had some mistakes but with a take her experience over someone who has no political experience. >> when people have experience you have to realize what happened to the rest of the people, they lost there clearances, there jobs, people were demoted, people have the experience we are looking at is a travis. it is not an experience want to continue. if that is the kind of judgment that you had in that position, then we are really concerned and people who have not decided should also be very concerned. >> you were shaking your head. >> in the end you have to look at who has the conditions -- credentials on a wall stage. taste of the rhetoric who has come out of the campaign, was wrapping world leaders and was
9:37 am
someone new was rubbing the world leaders the right way. when you're judging policy credentials you have to look at you want the status quo or something untested and unknown. that is the decision a lot of voters have to make when deciding on which candidates foreign-policy to accept. >> coming up we will turn our attention to donald trump further trying to court the african-american vote this weekend. we will us a look at his speech on immigratio mexico. less races on to the general election for u.s.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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welcome back, donald trump is working hard to court the black vote here to spoke to a black church in detroit saying he came to listen. he says he understands the african- american community has severed from discrimination and that there are many wrong that need to be >> i believe we need a civil rights agenda for our time, one that ensures the right to a great education, so important, and the right to live and 50 and in peace and have a really great job. >> those attending were impressed but not all are soaked. >> was he genuine? >> if i go by what you heard
9:41 am
but who can say who is genuine? >> he has a whole lot of making up to do. >> he comes across very personable. >> it is a different donald trump that is on television than you see in person. >> we're back sheila griffin and chris. sheila, i have to ask because some black republicans i have talked to said part of donald trump's appeal to black is that he has been condescending think? has any part of it been condescending? >> no, i don't find any part condescending. what i like is when people talk frankly about any part of life in the utilize there own interests. i need to see what you do. i see what you do when you build next inner cities. i see what you do when you hire staffs that are african- american and latino. i see what you do when jesse jackson speaks about you. i
9:42 am
against discrimination. i pay attention to what people hands do. rhetoric is taught is important for each one of us to consider his history and his background as a builder. he doesn't just build communities but people. >> this is the latest appeal to hispanic and black voters. he said the same thing about hispanic voters. to you think this visit to detroit is going to help the metal? >> we talk ab has built up a political movement and built on a base that is in direct contradiction of the values that african- american and latino family share. nicholas to be genuine in his rhetoric -- if he wants to be genuine in his rhetoric and his policy he should start at the base and address those who said they're going to be afraid that there would have taco trucks on the corner, all they are afraid they're losing there country and that america needs to be greater in.
9:43 am
there are some very strong supporters of donald trump who worry african-americans and hispanics everyday. the rhetoric is a great cause of concern. many minority communities are circling the wagons and that can create a tipping point that we have not seen since the 1960s. >> there have been so many times where he has said one things and then he has this one visit. it will be interesting to see what he says. also the president meeting with donald trump. they both left the meeting different story. donald trump said they were going to pay for the wall and they didn't talk about it but the mexican president said he was sure they were not pay for it. >> the issue was to take a look at what was happening, finances and how illegal aliens are sitting there money back to mexico -- sitting there money back to mexico . we always talk about people who come here but we need to be talking about
9:44 am
being sold to come here and how they are being mistreated and how they are dying on there way in. the wall is not just for america, but also for mexico. they are not the only illegal immigrants here. we have europeans, african, caribbean caminiti and. we have legal immigrants of every type, but because of what is happening on that border with drugs, trafficking, crime we are really concerned. >> wall does matter. the question is, he made this promise but will he be able to deliver? >> because congress appropriated and only 36 miles was built because obama had neither the will nor the skill, this man has both will and skill. he is a builder. those things are impossible by people who have never built anything, who are lifelong people in the public side that they have never served in private industry. that is why they think it is
9:45 am
someone who has done it. >> let me ask you chris, does the law matter and did he pick up support? >> i am tired of hearing about this wall. unless you're going to build this wall but american-made goods and labor in your been a benefit local american businesses, let's all set up. there are drones on the border, troops on the border, homeland security agents, flair cameras. if the wall could really stop the problems that we have, mexican drug cartels wouldn't be building under -- tunnels. we need to address the real issue, the war on drugs, the inflated money for the war on drugs. if we want to address the issues that are facing us, we need to address the war on drugs, it it's failure and how
9:46 am
>> we have more with both of you guys. i appreciate it. still to come: up next we will discuss order u.s. senate race between marco rubio and patrick murphy as well as a highly anticipated congressional race in the bay area.
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welcome back the race for the senate in florida. the racist set pinning marco rubio against --. they will face each other in the debates on october 26 . the back-and-forth has already fired off a. >> he likes to say he has dual degrees from the university of miami, but the university of miami says that is not true. >> marco rubio is the worst of washington because he puts
9:50 am
gave up on his job, he gave up on florida, he earned the worst voting attendance record of any senator from florida in nearly 50 years. >> i am back with chris and sheila. let's talk about this race, senator rubio doing better in the polls but we also take a look at the presidential race and the impact it might have down ticket with clinton -- her lead has narrowed . what to be on the ticket?>> i believe we are not going to see it transpired down to the ticket. i believe these candidates will stay on there own concerning marco rubio, it is whether or not people will be able to bind to the candidate they believe. truth has been the casualty in many of our elections and whenever that happens i am always afraid of people doing what they want to. if someone is buying, there is
9:51 am
have to be mindful of that. i think people are looking at each candidate individually. >> what do you think chris? do you think there will be a down ticket impact? >> i think if there is a down ticket impact it will not be near what we saw in 2008. ofa focus very heavily on local fields, grassroots and incorporating local communities into the campaigns. what we see here is establishment politics raises much money as possible, run a ton of negative tv as against her component -- opponent then play the waiting game until election day. that is what we are seeing on both sides. a lot of great local candidates are going to have to stand out, they will have to work twice as hard to get the name recognition and they will have to roll up your sleeves. that brings hope for the future because when you have to work hard work, your appreciate it more and you know who put you there and that is always on
9:52 am
. >> let me ask you this, we're talking about marco rubio and whether he is going to stay 6 years are not. he has not really stuck to the fact that i will he here in 6 years. he says he doesn't know was going to happen. what you feel? to feel it voters should have confidence? >> when i interview someone for a job, that is the worst thing i can hear, i don't plan on staying very often i'm just a job, looking for a paycheck. what we want is someone who wants a career wants to be there for us, someone wants to be there every day punches in and punches out for the american people and the people of florida. you telling us that up and doesn't sit well. >>? >> i love candor i am always concerned about what you commit to. if you commit to 4 years, due for. if you commit to 6, do 6. i can appreciate the candor. i can appreciate having the oddity to say -- honesty to say what is
9:53 am
i know i have in my own heart and desire for people to do what they say and commit and staying and get the job done. >> let's turn our attention to chris and jolly. jolley has built himself as this republican outsider. what do you think comes out on top? >> jolley. >> chris. >> of course, along party lines. no shock. but chris has lost the last 2 races. is this do or die time for him? >> this is charlie crist 3.0. crist. this is democrat charlie crist. with that being said, he's going to run a democrat campaign . he is running in his own backyard where he has grown up. he is tapping a lot of those local roots and he will tap a lot of republicans that may not sit well jolley whole outsider theme. with that being said he's going to be able to pull democrats and some of his republican friends. the way the district is drawn in favor of the democrat i'm
9:54 am
ink you guys so much for coming up. he had plenty of great feedback. i appreciate it -- thank you guys so much for coming off -- on . he had any of great feedback -- you have had plenty of great feedback here i
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9:56 am
president obama is in china this weekend for the g 20 summit. that is his final visit to asia as the commander-in-chief.
9:57 am
president obama was forced to deport air force one from the belly of the plane, there was no staircase or red carpet as with other leaders. the media was held back as white house age -- aids and security got into a screaming match. earlier the president down played it all saying i went over think the significance. will have to wait and see. thank you for joining us this morning. meet him -- meet the press is at 11.
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this sunday, 6 five days to election day and we're no clearer about donald trump and deportation. is he purposely not committing to a policy or does he really not have. >> we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment of the wall. >> this morning i try to pin down dald trump's running mate, mike pence on what is trump presidency would do. >> donald trump has been completely restricted. >> its just more evidence and hillary clinton is the most d dishonest candidate. >> my sit down with mike pence, also, you say you want a revolution.


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